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Tara Tokarski

Artist Statement

My work is meant to remind you of your childhood adventures while thrilling you with hidden meaning. I am a collector of images and Ideas. I have tons of curiosities, books, movies, and articles that I think are fun or profound. My work takes these wonders and tries to think of them in unexpected or dramatic ways. I surround myself with these things and then I figure out a way to mash them up and transform the best things I have around me into a new idea.

Then I take those ideas and l tell a story, be it with objects, symbols, color, pattern or characters it’s my way of inviting you into my secret garden. While you are here, let me show you around and then I set back and let the viewer unravel the mysteries that the work holds. There is no right or wrong ending to the story. Through symbolism, color, space, and size I give you clues to contemplate. Are their specific symbols that show up in most of my work…yes, but you must find them? That’s part of the fun.


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