Artists Guidelines
Artists, your works are very welcome here!

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1. Please register your account as an Artist in the upper-left corner of the website.

2. To add an artwork, click a blue rectangle "Add Product".

3. Fill in all required fields and upload 1-2 images of your Original works (Painting, Photography, Graphics, Sculpture, Ceramic), Prints or Accessories: an image should be in JPEG, up to 2MB. If you would like to have more than one image or/and a video of your product, please email your files to

4. For each artwork, we need a price, dimensions (if applicable). In the Description field please indicate an art medium (for artworks), sizes available (for the apparel items): e.g. S, M, L, XL, in how many days we could ship it
and all your special notes/instruction (not visible to customers). You could skip the Dimensions field if you sell Apparel products.
Please enter info only for one product. If you want to add an additional price/dimensions information about the same product (artwork) with different features (e.g. framed print), enter all this info to the Description area,
or create another Product with new features, price and dimensions. For example: the Product #1 is an unframed Painting , 16" X 16" for $300. Product #2 should be a framed Painting 18" X 18" for $600.
5. You could read more about our Terms and Conditions here: Terms.
6. After approval (approximately 1-3 days) your works would be visible and available for sale.
7. Please send to you bio/statement. It would be published it on our Blog


1. To receive the Artist Revenue Split, you must have all applicable tax forms filled out and provided to ArtsBistro prior to the sale of any Artworks. W-9 Instructions
2. The Artist Revenue Split will be received by you at the expiration of the period allowed for refunds, 30 (thirty) days after the Artwork has been received by the Collector. If any returns are requested by the Collector, you acknowledge and agree that your Artwork will be returned to you and you will not receive any fees. Funds for your Arts Revenue Splits will be paid out via PayPal.
3. Artist Revenue Splits are as follows: 70% of the total, the final sale price for a sold Artwork.


1. Artists should follow guidelines and rules, otherwise, the has a right to suspend or disable your account.
2. An Original Artwork could be signed (recommended), however digital Images of artworks cannot have any watermark.
3. An original painting should be properly stretched (recommended) or framed.
4. We recommend you sign and number your Limited editions prints.
5. In some cases, we require a Certificate of Authenticity


1. ArtsBistro will be responsible for the shipping cost within the US, but you as the Artist are responsible for the provision of shipping supplies and the packing of the Artwork.
2. As soon as your artwork sold, we send you a shipping label with the name and shipping address of the Collector. It is your responsibility to ship the Artwork to the Collector within 3 (three) business days following the date of purchase. As soon as you ready to ship, we schedule UPS pick up from your location. If the Artwork is not shipped within this period, the sale to the Collector will be canceled.
3. ArtsBistro maintains a list of preferred shipping companies. If you choose to ship the Artwork through one of our preferred shipping companies, ArtsBistro will pay for the cost of shipping, calculated after you gave ArtsBistro accurate information regarding the dimensions and weight of the Artwork. If accurate information was not given, ArtsBistro may deduct any additional fees from the Artist Revenue Split, described below, provided to you for the sale. If you choose to use another shipping carrier that is not one of our preferred shipping companies, you will be fully responsible for the cost of shipping the Artwork. Please see our packing & shipping guidelines for proper shipping.